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Our Extension (Update)

Our extension was completed in early March with our new pre-school opening on the 16th March. We would like to thank everybody involved for all their hard work. We love our new building and hope you do too! Below are the last few months of the build leading up to the opening.

October 2019

The internal walls soon went up and the layout of building took shape. Once the internal walls were up, we worked out where all the electrics would go in the new building and these were marked on the walls ready for installation at a later date.

November 2019 - January 2020

Over the next few months doors and windows were put in, electrics were wired up and walls were plastered. The underfloor heating was installed along with the new kitchen and office area. Once all this was completed, the building was ready for the decorating and flooring to be installed.

February 2020

Flooring was installed throughout and the building was decorated. Zoe from the pre-school room created a lovely focus wall for the pre-school room. Once all internal jobs were completed, it was time for the building to be deep cleaned in preparation for the new room to be set up with new resources and furniture.

March 2020

With the building work now complete, our pre-school staff then did a deep clean and set up all the new resources ready for our opening on the 16th March.

April 2020

We have now knocked through from the old nursery to the new building. This was done by making a corridor from the new kitchen through to the old building.

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