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Our New Pre-School Room!

Our New Pre-School Room!

We hope you love our new Pre-School room as much as we do! This has been a work in progress with all girls in the room taking on a role. Once the extension was finished all our Pre-School ladies took different areas to set up. They helped to choose resources and create the fantastic areas shown in the photos above. It was a long process to ensure each individual child’s interests and needs were met through the resources chosen. Areas included in the room are as follows:

Mark Making Area​

Workshop/Painting Area​

Role Play/Home Corner Area – this is changed regularly to cover different topics​

Fine Manipulative Area​

Quiet Area/Story Corner​

Messy Area (Sand, Water & Malleable)​

Construction Area​

Small World Area

Before entering the main room, we have a new cloak room, where children are encouraged to recognise their name and hang their belongings. Toilets are attached to the main room and are easily accessible for children to encourage their independence.

We have tables that can pull out for mealtimes and are also used for a rolling snack morning and afternoon. There is also an interactive whiteboard that children can access throughout the day. The children are able to access all of the toys and equipment within the room at any time, giving them free choice, the children are not restricted to a regimented routine and playtime enables them to choose what they want to play with.

Our fantastic feature wall was painted by Zoe. She a lot of time and effort into the wall to ensure it was perfect. All her hard work paid off, we all think it looks amazing!

Outdoor play is still a big part of our day and we still have access to lots of exciting outdoor experiences including, the woods, play areas and outdoor classroom, all of which we access daily.

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