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Healthy Lifestyles

Here at Lakeview, we try and encourage a Healthy Lifestyle. We follow Smile4Life and Healthy Heroes, focussing on a different topic each month. We offer a three weekly menu with a variety of home cooked meals prepared onsite daily by our cook. An example menu can be seen further down this page.  Below are some ways in which we can stay healthy and look after our bodies. 

*  Have a healthy breakfast! This important because it gives us the energy we need to
play and learn and provides vitamins and minerals to keep us healthy. Breakfast is served from 7.45-8.30 and children are offered a choice of cereal and toast.

* We should aim to eat 5 different kinds of fruit and vegetables every day to keep us healthy.


Did you know?

Fresh,frozen, canned, 100% pure fruit juice and dried fruit and vegetables all count towards our
5 A DAY.

*  Drinking plenty of water stops us becoming dehydrated and helps to keep our bodies
working properly. Children are encouraged to drink lots of water and have access to water at all times during the day.

*  Tasting new foods may help us stay healthy as we begin to discover different foods we
like. We do lots of taste testing activities to encourage children to try new foods.

*  Walking is an easy and free way for families to be up and about having fun together.

We enjoy going for walks in our local community and have run charity walks in the past. Walking counts towards your 60 minutes of being active each day.


*  A visit to the park with our friends or family is a great way to have fun together and be active!


* Singing and moving to music and rhyme is great fun and helps us explore what our developing bodies can do. At Lakeview we love ot move to music and Bab's comes every Wedesday to do Hartbepps with us. 

How to be a Healthy Hero!

healthy heroes.jpg


4 major areas for the Smile4Life initiative are as follows; 

  • Healthy eating and drinking. We encourage children to make healthy choices and learn about why we need to make healthy choices.

  • Regular tooth brushing. Children should be brushing their teeth twice a day, morning and evening. 

  • Promoting of a healthy lifestyle. This links in closely with our Healthy Heroes challenges. 

  • Visiting a dentist regularly. All children should be registered with their local dentist and visit them regularly. Should you require any help finding a dentist, please let your child's key worker know. 


Smile4Life Challenge

Can you eat 5 portions of fruit and vegetables each day? Maybe one of these could also be something you haven't tried before?

Our Menu's

Our menus run on a 3 weekly basis and are changed twice a year for Summer and Winer. We cater to a variety of dietary needs and all meals are prepared fresh in our kitchen each day. Please see our example menu. 

Sample Menu.png
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