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Our Playground Revamp

In early 2019, we began to transform one of our many outdoor areas. This included adding several new areas and structures to the Ducks play area. We had some designated areas built for us before having the flooring changed. It was an ongoing project carried out over a few months.

First to arrive was our very own planting area, construction area and a bridge. Over the next few weeks, children enjoyed planting various vegetables and have been waiting eagerly for them to grow. We have planted a variety of flowers and watering them has become part of our daily routine. We love acting out the three billy goats gruff on the bridge!

We have had a sand shed built and we love climbing inside to do lots of digging and exploring in the new sand pit. An outdoor classroom was also constructed around the same time. This is used for a variety of messy activities or some quiet key worker time.

Just before Easter, a new shelter was built for us allowing some undercover space to change out of our wellies and waterproofs, we also turned part of this into a story area.

Over the Easter period our tarmac floor was replaced by artificial grass. This was done over a few days and the end result looks fantastic!

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